Prana is very common and mostly used word in yoga and yogic world in this modern yoga practice. Prana has been defined as life force energy or vital energy but still maximum people know it as Breath or Oxygen which is not true. Prana is a subtle energy hidden in oxygen as protein is the hidden power of beans. We eat bend and our physical body observes the protein, the beans are physically seen but the protein into beens can’t be seen with physical eyes the same way Prana is the hidden power or energy of Oxygen.

To understand the Prana we must understand the Pranic Body which is the most important and powerful subtle body. Out of 5 Koshas, Pranic Body is the second body after the Annamaya Kosha ( Physical body). All the Chakras and Nadies are in Pranic Body not in physical body. So here our Physical body take oxygen through nostrils into the lungs which is physical part and inside our Pranic Body pulls the Prana from the Oxygen gone into physical body so Ida and Pingala Nadis play vitle role in pulling Prana from the Oxygen. The more panic body is able to absorb the Prana the more energy we have. We are alive because of Prana where as it seems we are alive because of oxygen. If we were alive only because of Oxygen then when the physical body is medically considered as dead body through technical support a lot of oxygen can be sent into the lungs but the result is dead body doesn’t come to live.

So Prana is different and oxygen are two different thing in subtle way. To understand more and practically activate prana please join our Yoga Classes in Kathmandu and also join Yoga in Lalitpur with our experienced yoga team.