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Yoga Teacher Training In Kathmandu Nepal

Namaste and Welcome to Kanchan Yoga Nepal for your yoga journey in the land of The Himalayas with the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga. The word “Yoga “is originally “Yog ” meaning simply the “Union” or Connection. We at Kanchan Yoga Nepal with the qualified and well experienced yoga teachers, gurus, sannyasis, and our guest Yoga Teacher run different yoga programs to help you to be able to unite or connect your body, breath and mind through a dedicated and strict discipline for certain time to make you qualified and Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher. Our 200 hours Hatha and Ashtanga  Vinyasa Based Teacher Training is perfect Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advance practitioners in yoga. Our 22 days yoga teacher training is to make your yogic knowladge to the next level, to bring yoga in to your life, to bring your practice to next level and to make you fully ready to help others to feel their body, breath and mind through the yoga teaching. Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is suitable for those who want to become not only a certified yoga teacher but also a real practitioner of yoga. After the completion of the course, participants will be given 200 hours Yoga alliance certificate and also we would offer an opportunity to work at our Yoga Studios in Kathmandu Nepal as an assistant Yoga Teacher. 


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Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Retreat generally means spending time away from our daily lives, giving a break and relaxing oneself in a peaceful environment. In another way, it means giving rest to oneself from a busy life’s schedule. “Yoga Retreat” means giving a break to oneself from the busy life and going into a place of yoga, in the company of yogis and yoginis, to practice yoga and yogic techniques, which will recharge and revitalize us for the rest of our lives.

Nepal and Yoga Retreats go hand in hand. As soon as we think of Nepal we think of simplicity, the easy life, the Himalayas, natural resources, jungles, herbs, greenery, monasteries, a land of yogis, the birthplace of Buddha, so on. Buddhism and Hinduism are key points for Yoga Retreats in Nepal. Practicing Yoga in Nepal itself is the best way to give new energy to life. When we select perfect places for Yoga Retreats and spend some time with yogi families, teachers, and yoga gurus in Nepal, then we are easily recharged and revitalized by their sharing of their yoga experience. Nepal is the Land of Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gayan Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and more. The Great Yogi Goraknath practiced his own Sadana (Deep practice) in Nepal.

We offer 1 night 2-days Yoga Retreats and 2 night 3 days Yoga Retreats in Nepal. We visit Buddhist monasteries, mountain views, watch the sunrise and sunset, and eat pure vegetarian meals. Yogic cleansing, yoga asana, and breath exercise are the best part of our Yoga Retreats in Nepal.  Our Yoga Retreats are open to all levels, so do not miss this opportunity to have an authentic and exceptional experience with our team

Besides Daily Yoga in Kathmandu Nepal, we have regular Yoga retreats in Kathmandu which are open to all levels!

Our Popular Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu Nepal

Monastery Yoga Retreat

Join us on our retreat to the Buddhist Neydo Monastery in the calm hills of the Kathmandu Valley. The positive energy of this area is powerful and makes this the perfect place to focus on your yoga and meditation practice. This is our such a yoga retreats where you will have an opportunity to experience and practice both Buddhist and Hindhusim at one place. Our 2 Nights 3 Days yoga retreats at this most beautiful place are suitable for all levels of Yoga Practitioners. Do not miss this Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu Nepal!

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat

Located in the Baudhha area of Kathmandu, we are lucky to have a beautiful view of Kapan Monastery and the Himalayas from our center. Our retreat center has beautiful clean rooms, kitchen, and a yoga hall. We do yoga asanas, pranayama, philosophy, and meditations. Our Kathmandu Yoga Retreats are suitable for all levels! Join us for short and long Yoga experience in Kathmandu Nepal.

Luxury Yoga Retreat

Our Luxurious Yoga retreats are designed especially for those who want to practice Yoga as well as enjoy modern life! These Yoga retreats are at different luxurious Resorts where people feel freer and can relax with Yogic Stretch and Fancy food.

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