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Join our Daily Yoga Classes in Kathmandu Guest in Thamel managed by Kanchan Yoga.

Yoga Classes in Kathmandu Nepal

We offer daily yoga classes in Kathmandu, Nepal, which are suitable for all levels. We have a Yoga Studio in Thamel Kathmandu which names Charak Yoga Studio. We offer daily morning and Evening Yoga Classes located in Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel. We also offer yoga retreats in different locations in Kathmandu Nepal, Yoga Tours and Trekking, Private Yoga , Singing Bowl and teacher training in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal then you must try our Yoga classes in Thamel and Patan. 

We have now Yoga and Singing Bowl Therapy and Training in our this location!

Yoga classes in Kathmandu

Daily Schedule

9:30 – 10:30  am Hatha Yoga with Kanchan 

2 – 3:30  pm: Group Yoga and Sound Healing Session

4-5:15  pm Vinyasa Flow 

Note:  Kinldy prebook your Session!

Price for Thamel Studio

Drop-In for Yoga : Rs 1000 /Person

Drop In for group Yoga and Sound Healing : Rs 2000

Private Yoga: Rs 2500 per person

Private Singing Bowl Healing Session : Rs 3500 for 60 Minutes Session/ person 

Group Yoga and Singing Bowl Classes Daily 

Join our Yoga and Singing Bowl Classes and Training in our Kathmandu Guest House Location.

2 – 3:30 pm Group Yoga Sound Healing Sesssion @ Rs 2000

We  have Singing Bowl Training and Classes in our this Location! Do not miss it!

Note : Classes need to be booked in advance please. For Booking Whatsapp/ Call +977 9818148030 or email

If you want to become a healer or Therapist then Join our 8 Hours Sound Healing Foundation Course where our masters makes you able to heal others!

Course Details

Course name : Sound Healing Foundation Course

Hours: 8 hours ( 4 hours / day can be arranged if you have time! )

Cost : 220 $


8 hours Theoury and practical Classes
1 lunch



Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel. 

Let the Gate Know You are there For Yoga! 

WhatApp or Call +977 9818148030

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga Class is offered in the morning. Hatha Yoga has different definitions and explanations as per the experiences of yogis and sages. Hatha Yoga what we believe is it is a dedicated disciplined practice that aims to balance our Physical and subtle body using various Kriyas, Asana, Mudras, mantras, Pranayamas, and meditation techniques. In our Morning Hatha Yoga Class we start our session with sitting in Sukhasana( Easy Posture) and then we make you aware of your breath, then with a few practices of oxygenation ( Taking long and deep Breaths), we chant 3 times AUM manta( Universal Sound), Then we do 2 Yogic Kriya which is known as Kapalvati and Agnisar, Then only we move into asana where we do joints openings which are also known as Suksmvayam, and then traditional sun salutation few rounds, then certain postures on standing, sitting, lying down postures, abdominal postures, twisting then we practice Pranayama and finally we so short meditation. This class is perfect for beginners to advanced levels who want to learn and practice Yoga in the morning. We welcome all level.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic Yoga Style that is suitable for all levels! We welcome you to join this yoga. This Yoga Style is more flow, moving with Breath. We start this Yoga session with a sitting posture and with dynamic warm-up movements! Then Sun Saluation A and B are Practiced, After A and B Sun Saluation we flow with different yoga moves with some challenges with some modification and adjustment! And finally, we go for 5 minutes of Savasana. This Yoga Style is perfect for those who love to flow into Asana. No Mantra chanting! No separate Pranayama, and not any specific Kriya is used here Just flow into Asana and Savasana! You will Love it! All levels are welcome!This Hatha Vinyasa Yoga style is good for bringing balance between our Physical body , Pranic Body and Metal body. In another word Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is perfect for Body, Breath and mind. We practice Ujjae Breaths in this Yoga prcatice which means a breath taken with specific sound like snake sound or ocean. This Ujjae Breath plays vital role to generate heat in our body. Do not miss this class to me Physically fit and mentally balanced! Namaste

For more information and class booking, please

WhatsApp or call +977 9818148030 to Mr. Thagunna.

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