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Singing Bowl Training in Nepal with Himalayan Masters

Singing bowl training in Nepal with Himalayan masters is one of the best programs in Kathmandu, Nepal. A singing bowl is a metal instrument from which the sound is produced by a master or healer. The singing bowl, which is also known as healing bowls because of the sound that comes from the bowl, There are different types of bowls that produce different sounds with different frequencies and different vibrations. These vibrations are used to heal, to make our cells relaxed, to get mental peace, to make chakras balanced, and to get into meditation, which finally helps one to awaken spiritually. So, sound healing has become very important in this modern time with busy lives.

Singing training, or healing, is the practical process of producing musical sound from different types of metal bowls. This method of producing sound from the bowl has originated in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Tibet, and some parts of India.

The vibration that is generated while playing the bowl is the main energy that plays a vital role in making the sound as a healing process in a subtle way. A singing bowl is a musical instrument that strikes by shaking, or if it is scraped, then it starts to vibrate and creates sound with vibration.
The sound of vibration directly goes into the subtle body of the human, which is also known as the pranic body or sheetha, and activates the Cjakrasa in the pranic body. The sound created from different types of bowls has an effect on different energy centers or chakras in the pranic body.


Our Most Popular Singing Bowl Training in Nepal

1) Course Name: Professional Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Course

Level:Introducatory Level

Duration:1 day (8 hours)

Cost:  $ 220

2) Course Name: Professional Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Course


Duration:5 days (20 hours)


3) Course Name: Professional Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Course


Duration:5 days (20 hours)


4) Course Name: Professional Tibetan Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Course

Levels3 and 4

Duration:10 days (40 hours)


5) Course Name: Professional Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Teachers’ Course


Duration:5 days (20 hours)


6) Course Name: Professional Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Teachers Course

Level:Master Level

Duration:10 days (40 hours)


Above all, courses are for different learners and practitioners who want to learn and become healers.

If you want to just try one session to heal yourself, it costs Rs 3500 per hour now @ Rs 3000 Only  till Jan 1 st 2024.

We have different locations for singing bowl training in Nepal. Please check the link.

Singing bowl training in Nepal

Specail Class Therapy Class 

60 Minutes $30

75 Minutes $ 35

90 Minutes $40

Benefits of Singing Bowl Therapy

  • Singing bowls bring calmness to your physical and mental bodies.
  • Singing Bwol helps to make the pranic body energetic.
  • Singing Bowl therapy is the process of healing through the sound of vibration, so the vibration cleans the aura.
  • Singing Bowl has scientifically proven that it heals anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.
  • Singing bowl therapy helps to get better sleep.
  • Singing Bowl Therapy is the best way to bring our mind to the meditative stage.
  • Singing Bowl/Sound Healing is one of the best healing methods that helps people come out of the trap of mental illness and physical disease because the vibration created in the singing bowl develops immunity.
  • Singing Bwol therapy not only helps us to be healthy and peaceful, but it also helps to clean up the negative energy around us.
  • The singing bowl activates and balances the chakras in the human body.
  • Singing or sound healing has uncountable benefits!

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