Day Yoga and Meditation Tour

Join Our Day Yoga and Meditation Tour to add the Best Experience in Your Life! 

We will be so pleased and greatful to you to get an oppertunity to give you the best Yoga Experience in Nepal!

Day Yoga and Meditation Tour

Happiest and Peaceful journey!

Our day yoga and meditation tour starts at 10 a.m. from Thamel Kathmandu, Patan Lalitpur, or directly from the airport in private transport. We take you to the best place you may have ever visited for meditation and yoga, which is almost an hour’s drive from the city. We do yoga, philoshopy, and practical meditation in the Monastery and Hikiing to the beautiful mountain and do meditation on top of a temple of the goddess. We get back to city 6 pm!

This Day Yoga and Meditation tour is guided by Kanchan Singh who has been pratcing yoga and meditation for last 30 years as his life long descipline. To get an opportunity to spend time with Kanchan is really and inspiring and helpful in life for you. Kanchan who has been in Yoga and meditation since the age of 3 who holds deep knowladge of Yoga and meditation and more over he knows how to guide one to go  into meditative stage. Kanchan has Hatha Yoga and Raj Yoga concept which he can help others to know what is Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Rej Yoga. Meditation is also a part of Yoga what kanchan believes.

For Further Inquaries contact our Yoga Studio in Kathmandu where we have daily yoga classes!

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Day Yoga and Meditation Tour

Costs: $150

Cost Includes 

  1. Private two-way transport
  2. Lunch
  3. Meditation
  4. Yoga
  5. Breath exercise (Pranayama)
  6. Philosophy
  7. Hiking
  8. Yogic Talks



Why Yoga and Meditation Tour in Nepal

Beutiful and Blessful Journey which bring eternal happiness in life! 

First of all we would like welcome you all to join our Yoga and meditation tour with us which is one day Program. In your life you may have done many tours and trekkings in different part of the world. Nepal is truly and place for Yoga and mediation because the Yoga is deep rooted in Nepal or Nepal is considered the land of Yoga and mediation. Gorak Nath and Machendra Natha who had done Yogic Sadana in Nepal and the who latter established Hatha Yoga. The same Buddha was born in Lumbani, Nepal, and has since helped the world with meditation.

The day yoga and meditation tour we offer is in a Buddhist monastery, where we go to the place where one of Rempuche had god enlightenment. The place called Phurping is an ancient Newari town located 19 km south of Kathmandu. This place is full of Buddhist energy, and jungles, water, hills, a farm, and Hindu powerful temples of the gods Dashnikali, Visnu, and Mahadev are located there. The cave named Asura Cave, 5 centuries before, is believed to have been where Guru Rinpoche, named Padmasambhava, meditated in this cave and got enlightenment. So the place we go for our day is specially for yoga and meditation.

The tour we organize for you is rare in the world! We practice yoga and meditation in such a monastery, which has a big statue of Buddha. The meditation hall is the most peaceful and full of energy, where we are automatically recharged. Then we go to those places where Hindu goddesses and gods are worshipped, and the Asura Cave is there. and we walk up to the mountain, and we meditate on top, where the Goddess Temple is located. This program is actually to recharge you to be active your whole life!

This tour is suitable for anyone who is interested! Welcome to the Day Yoga and Meditation Tour in Nepal!

We are eager to welcome you from the heart!

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