Yoga Philippines / Yoga Retreats Philipines

We offer the best quality yoga in the Philippines with collaboration with various yoga schools and local teachers in different parts of the Philippines.

Do not miss us if you are coming to Philipines!

We are here to welcome yoga and bring you on a yoga journey!

Yoga Philippines By Kanchan Yoga Nepal

Namaste and Welcome to Philippines !



Yoga Philippines is our true and most welcoming yoga program organized in collaboration with different reputed yoga schools and yoga teachers in different islands in the Philippines.

Welcome to Cebu Yoga Studio.

We work in collaboration with Dawata Yoga Studio in Cebu.

Please join Dawata for daily yoga classes, where we go as a guest yoga teacher and also offer yoga classes, workshops, and retreats in Cebu City.

Our yoga teachers in the Philippines

We work with highly qualified local and international yoga teachers in the Philippines.

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Will update SOON! 

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