Yoga Ashram Nepal

Practice Yoga in the place where all you meet are Yogies and Yoginis with all Yogic vibes and environment

Yoga Ashram Nepal

Jagannath Yoga Ashram


Yoga Ashram Nepal is opened for those who are serious yoga practitioners and want to deepen their yoga practice. Located in west Nepal our Yoga Ashram is the place of real yoga practice for you


Ashram traditionally means the place where the traditional and spiritual activities are done in a strict system and peaceful environment. The Ashram long time before in the ancient period used to be used as a place were first only the GURU and DISCIPLE relation used to be made and then only spiritual and traditional knowledge used to be given to the disciple by the guru spending long time and services at the ashram by the disciple.

But in these 21 centuries, the concept of Ashram is used as the commonplace where all can spend time and practice traditional and spiritual activities under certain rules and regulations. Ashram time is the time period where you are fully recharged with the Detoxification process, vegetarian meals, Yoga asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and other yogic and spiritual activities.


JAGANNATH YOGA ASHRAM originally situated at the border of the west part NEPAL and INDIAN.  Baitadi district of Nepal at the border touching UTTRAKHAND India is spiritually the most powerful holy place due to a different form of Lord SIVA (the founder of YOGA) situated in the each and every top of the hills namely JAGANNATH, Gwalekedhar,  Nagarjun, Mallikarjun, Badrikedar, and Shaktis  Bhagwat, Durga, Ningla Saini, Tripura Sundari, and uncountable deities remain at the place.

Jagannath Yoga Ashram offers the real Yogic Sadana (Practice) where we realize to the self with the help of the Yoga path.

Currently, we have been running Daily Yoga in Patan at Our Yoga Studio and Regular Yoga classes in  Yoga Ashram Classes in Kathmandu


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