Meditation in Nepal

Practice Meditation in Nepal to Know Your Real Self 

Meditation Nepal

Meditation Nepal is our such a program that helps people to go into their real state of mind!

Meditation is the state of mind that is got after going through a certain process. It is also known as the stage where one is deep into the internal world from the external world. To Practice Meditation, one has no compulsion that he/she has to be a Hatha Yogi or following all yogic rules. Meditation can be practiced by anyone in the world as long as one is interested in the practice. It is such a practice that a Yogi as well as non-yogi can equally practice were to practice meditation one should not be good is all asana (Postures) rather it can be practiced anywhere in any easy position or even sleeping posture. For getting into meditation or getting the stage where meditation happens one has to set oneself in any calm position and feel physically comfortable and practice the Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) and Dharana (Concentration) and let the concentration go deep and automatically such a stage comes where meditation happens. In some practitioners it happens fast and, in some people, it might take a long time but we should not be discouraged rather keep it continuously as meditation is a part of life.

We Teach Different Types of Meditation Techniques in Our Yoga Ashram Kathmandu.

Join our Yoga Master in Nepal for learning and Practicing Meditation Techniques.

Meditation On Tratak

1- Perform Simple Tratak with Open Eyes

2- Perform Tratak on any object you love (Candle Light, Moon, Sun,

3- Perform Tratak on Eyes of each other)

Meditation on Third Eye

 1- Meditation on the Third eye without closing the sense

2- Meditation on the third eye with Shunmukhi Mudra

Meditation on Different parts of Body

 1- Focus your attention inside the skull area behind the forehead

2- Imagine there is nobody, only space pervading.

3- Imagine the body is nothing but full of joy

4- Closing the eyes and ears and focus on the darkness and silence within

 Meditation on Kundalini

1-Light raising from root Chakra which going upward piercing each Chakra

2- Visualizing the sleeping snake suddenly wakes up the head of the snake touches the forehead.

3- Visualizing the flashes of light striking one to another energy center again and again and finally reaches the crown

4 – Closing all the opening senses, using moola Bhanda and imagining flame of a candle is being passed from mooladhar to next higher Chakras


Meditation on Sound

1- Chanting AUM and slowly concentrating on Void at the end for long.

2- Utter the Sound HA which naturally comes with breath and focuses on it.

Meditation on Breath

1- Gap Between two Breath

2- Observing the natural breath and becoming able to separate oneself from breath.

3 Breathe in and out and just flow with breath being oneness with breath

Meditation on Remembrance

1- Become self-witness of the past and places

2- Going Back into the past from Now by sequencing

Meditation on energy| emotions

 1- Raising your own energy and focus on it.

2- Give pain to any part of the body and be aware of the pain

3- Focus on any motion (Anger, Happiness, Worry, and be able to separate you and emotions )

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