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Kathmandu Yoga Retreat concept is for general yoga retreats in Kathmandu. Located on top of the Baudha area, we are lucky to have a beautiful view of the Kopan Monastery and the awe-inspiring Himalayas from our center! Our Retreat place has beautiful and clean rooms, a kitchen, yoga hall with all yoga props. We do Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, workshops, meditations, and other events with monks and highly spiritual leaders.

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat is our perfect yoga retreat in Nepal for those who really want to stay peacefully and happily practicing yoga discipline for certain days. Kathmandu Yoga Retreats are open and accessible to all levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in yoga. Kathmandu is the place for culture, temples, nearby mountains, and views of the beautiful Himalayas. Our Kathmandu Yoga Retreats in Nepal are fancy but easy and comfortable to reach. This is the perfect and suitable yoga program for those who want to have a short or long yoga retreat experience in Nepal. We have fixed-departure, tailor-made, and private yoga retreats on request. Every weekend, we depart from our yoga studios in the city to our retreat center, named Kanchan Yoga Training and Retreats Center, in Baudha, Kathmandu. We also offer daily yoga classes in Thamel, where we bring students to our retreat centers.

Kanchan Yoga Training & Retreat Center in Baudha is surrounded by the positive energy of surrounding Buddhist monasteries. Baudha is a thriving Tibetan Buddhist community on the edge of Kathmandu. We are within walking distance of the largest Tibetan stupa outside of Tibet. Kanchan Yoga Training & Retreat Center is also close to a peaceful mountaintop Buddhist monastery where we practice yoga in the fresh forest air. Our retreat center has an onsite yoga and meditation hall and a modern restaurant and dining hall with stunning views of Kopan Monastery, the Kathmandu Valley, and the Himalayas.

All levels are welcome!

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Why Kathmandu Yoga Retreats

Kathmandu Yoga Retreats are our most attractive and easy yoga retreat program in Nepal. We offer a variety of yoga retreats in Nepal that are organized in different locations with different energies! Especially when you come to us for Kathmandu Yoga Retreats, you will have the opportunity to learn yoga from the basics, to feel yourself at the basics, basic level, to explore your inner self in the right direction. We are just here to help you recharge yourself. We help you with pure food, pure yogic practice, and our method of teaching yoga philosophy and practical activities in our Kathmandu Yoga Retreats. Our Kathmandu Yoga Retreats are also budget yoga retreats for all levels of interested people. We have a very good and comfortable place to stay and very good food to eat. The only purpose of budget retreats is to make our Kathmandu retreats accessible to all levels of travelers in Nepal.

What You Will Explore in Kathmandu Yoga Retreats

  • Yoga Concept
  • Yoga Philoshopy
  • Yoga Practice at Asana Level
  • Practical Breath Exercise, which is called Pranayama
  • We are not only this body.
  • The five bodies we have
  • What is meditation, and how should it be practiced?
  • What is Pranamaya and what does it propose?
  • How many types of food are there in the world?
  • How many types of qualities do humans have? 
  • Meditation 
  • Tratak (Candle Meditation)
  • Exploring Boudha and monasteries
  • Learning about the mind and its layers
  • At the end, who am I?


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Kathmandu Yoga Retreat

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