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We Offer Regular Yoga Retreats Suitable For All Level Of Practitioners In Nepal

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Nepal Yoga Retreats

We offer different types of yoga retreats in Nepal at different venues and locations suitable for all levels. Join Our Yoga Retreats which suits you the best!


Yoga Retreats and Yoga Treks in Nepal

Yoga Retreats and Yoga Treks in Nepalis the combo yogic program to explore oneself in Nepal! Namaste and Welcome to our 2023 special program which is organized twice a year. This is the Program which has 2 parts, first is 4 Nights 5 Days Yoga retreats in Buddhist monastery staying in Buddhist energy with monks in surroundings we practice daily yoga, eat pure food, do hiking, practice different types of meditations, Yoga philosophy and after spending 4 nights in Monastery Hotel our next parts of the programs starts which is 5 Nights 6 Days Yoga Treks in Himalaya. The second part is full of fun, walk, yoga in Hight altitude with most attractive views of Nepal. We are open to be open to let clients join either first part or second part or both of the parts of the program as per their comfort!

Program Details

Daily Routine 

Day 1 (17 Oct.)

Pick up Welcome to Kathmandu Airport and Transfer to Hotel and Retreats Place, Dinner Rest

Day 2 (18 Oct)

Morning Hatha Yoga / Breakfast/ Briefing on Program / Lunch /Rest / Vinyasa Yoga / Dinner / Candle Meditation / Sleep

Day 3 (19 Oct)

Nasal Cleaning/ Mantra Chanting AUM/ Hatha Yoga / Pranayama (BREATH exercise)/ Breakfast

2 Hours walk to Monasteries and Biggest Buddhist Statue

Lunch / Rest

Evening Vinyasa Yoga

Dinner/ Meditation and Sleep

Day 4 (20 Oct)

Hatha Yoga/ Breakfast/ Hiking 3 and Half hours to the Caves/ Temples, Lunch / Rest/ Vinyasa Yoga / Dinner/ Sleep

Day 5 (21 Oct)

Hatha Yoga, Breakfast Departure for Treks or from Hotel to your destination!

Yoga Treks to Mardi Himal                                                                                                                                                                                          


Day 1-  21 Oct : Drive to Pokhara to Kade by private car & trek to Lovely hill
Day 2- 22 Oct :Trek from Lovely Hill to High Camp
Day 3 – 23 Oct :High camp – Mardi Himal base Camp- High Camp
Day 4- 24 Oct :Trek from High camp to Forest Camp
Day 5 – 25 Oct :Trek from forest camp to Landruk, drive back to Pokhara by local jeep Remark
Day 6 – 26 Oct  : Morning Yoga, Breakfast and Departure to Kathmandu , Over Night in Hotel
Day 7 – 27 Oct ! – Morning Yoga, Brekfast and Departure from us!


4 Nights 5 Days Yoga Retreats only @ 590$
5 Nights 6 Days Yoga Treks only @ 650$
10 Nights 11 Days Yoga Retreats and Yoga Treks Combo Both @ 1200$
For Further information please visit us in Yoga Studio in Kathmandu

Where do we offer our Nepal Yoga Retreats?

We offer our Nepal Yoga Retreats in different parts of Nepal. Our Nepal Yoga retreats are a combination of nature, spirituality, mountains, and the Himalaya. We organize our retreats in different Buddhist monasteries, different resorts, and different Himalayan regions so that you feel the beauty and energy of Nepal via our yoga retreats in Nepal. You can choose which yoga retreats are suitable for you and book us for a particular yoga retreat.

Our Nepal Yoga Retreats are organized with different yogis and masters from different parts of the world at different locations. Kathmandu, Pokhara, West Nepal, and the Himalayan regions are our main attractions for the yoga retreats. Join our monastery yoga retreats in Kathmandu, day yoga, and meditation tour in Kathmandu.

We welcome you to Nepal!


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