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We have 3 Yoga studios in Kathmandu. Out of all Yoga studios in Kathmandu, our Yoga studio in Patan is named Yoga Shala Patan which is the busiest Yoga studio in Patan. Kanchan Yoga Thamel and Charak Yoga studios are based in Thamel, and our Bauddha Yoga branch is for Yoga Retreats in Nepal where we offer 1 night to 1 month-long Yoga retreats in Kathmandu. We have Daily Yoga classes going on in all Patan and Thamel Yoga studios, and regular Yoga retreats going on in Buddha. Our all Yoga studios in Nepal are well decorated, and probably the best Yoga studios in Nepal. Join us for any Yoga experience in Nepal. Practicing Yoga in the studio makes you physically healthy, but at the same time, we suggest that everyone has some deeper experience in Yoga which comes from our Yoga retreats in Kathmandu.

Each of our Yoga studios has a wooden floor, all the Yoga props, and Yoga mats available. Students are requested just to come and practice Yoga with us. We are more than happy to help and guide in Yoga in Nepal!

Yoga Studio in Patan -Yoga Shala Patan

Yoga Studio in Thamel -Charak Yoga

Yoga Studio in Thamel -Kanchan Yoga

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