Singing Bowl Beginner Course Kathmandu Nepal

We have the Best Singing Bowl Training in Nepal! Singing Bowl Beginner Couse is the Perfect course for who wants to starts it! 

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Singing Bowl Beginner Course Kathmandu Nepal

Course Name: Singing Bowl Beginner Course

Cost: $ 220 per person

Duration: 8 hours 1 day (we can make it 2 days on request!)

Cost Included: Lunch and Herbal Tea with Certification of an 8-Hour Course


Singing Bowl Beginner Course Kathmandu Nepal

Singing Bowl Beginner Course Kathmandu Nepal is the perfect course to learn and bring sound healing into your journey of life! Anyone interested in Singing Bowl can join and learn the basic concept of Singing Bowl( Sound Healing). If you are traveling Nepal or staying in Nepal and have never tried singing Bowl but you have a deep desire to learn and be a healer then this one-day ( 8 Hours) Course is perfectly designed for you! Sound Healing or Singing Bowl therapy is a traditional Therapy done by using a traditional bowl to produce different sounds. Every Human has many chakras ( Energy Centers) in their Pranic Body ( Subtle body ) and mainly they are defined as 7 or 5 Chakras. When we come to produce sound in the different singing bowls the sound directly goes into the pranic body and activates certain energy centers and they start vibrating. 

This course was perfectly designed by our Masters to make anyone a basic healer. In this course, you come to learn what is singing bowl, how many singing bowls are there, which is used for what, how to use the bowls, how to prepare the session, and how to use a stick and bowl to produce the sound. Charks in the human body and how to connect sound to those chakras. After the completion of this Singing Bowl Beginner Course You will be given certification by our reputed master, This 8-hour one-day Singing Bowl Beginner Course has a practical as well as theoretical combination. In practice, you will be guided on how to place bowls on your hand and use the stick to produce sound in a basic level and how to move with the flow of the sound. A practical session is stronger than the theory but theoretical is also very important! 

Who Can Join This Singing Bowl Beginner Course?

  1. Anyone who is interested.
  2. Even if you are joining this course first time still you are able to join this course
  3. Who has no time to do long courses?
  4. Even those who have a lot of experience but still want to learn the right way and who want to make the foundation strong
  5. Anyone who wants to be a healer.

    Benefits of Singing Bowl Beginner Couse Kathmandu Nepal

  • This course will make your foundation for Singing Bowl Healing Stroner. 
  • This course will help you to achieve the right knowledge of Singing Bowl/ Sound Healing.
  • This course will be able to make you give an hour to 90 minutes Healing Basic healing Session to others.
  • This Beginner Singing Bowl Course will make you a lot more confident on your Sound healing journey.
  • This Beginner Singing Bowl Course is perfectly made by our experienced masters from the Himalayas which will give you an easy and friendly environment to learn.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nepal! 

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