Our Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat

Located in the Baudha area of Kathmandu, we are lucky to have a beautiful view of Kapan Monastery and the awe-inspiring Himalayas from our center. Our retreat center has beautiful clean rooms, kitchen, and a yoga hall. We do yoga asanas, pranayama, philosophy, and meditations.

Monastery Yoga Retreat

Join us on our retreat to the Buddhist Neydo Monastery in the calm hills of the Kathmandu Valley. The positive energy of this area is powerful and makes this the perfect place to focus on your yoga and meditation practice.

Luxury Yoga Retreat

Our Luxurious Yoga retreats are designed especially for those who want to practice Yoga as well as enjoy modern life! These Yoga retreats are at different luxurious Resorts where people feel freer and can relax with Yogic Stretch and Fancy food.

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