Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient science which makes us disciplined in our life. Different Yogis and Sages have defined Yoga according to their own experience which finally comes to the point Union!

But the question comes union between who to whom? There must be two or more than two things to be united!

After spending almost 32 years in Yoga Journey in this life Kanchan believes Yoga as an ancient science| discipline | technology which brings balance in life and gradually takes a person from physical to subtle, Outward to inward, suffering to happiness, attachment to unconditional love, ego to kindness and finally make able to realize oneself in real form Who am I, from where I came and where I will go.

Common Physical Benefits Of Yoga

  • Makes the body physically fit and healthy.
  • Makes the immunity power stronger.
  • Helps to increase flexibility.
  • Helps to improve Cardio
  • Helps to reduce the weight and tones the muscles
  • Helps in balancing metabolism
  • Develops the strength and power
  • Helps to maintain the vitality in the body.

Common Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Make mind relaxed and Joyful

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