What Is Meditation | Benefits Of Meditation

The Question What is Meditation ? is really an interesting topic itself Because Meditation is not yet defined exactly by any Yogi because it is the state of mind and it differs to an individual where the starting point is same for all but when they go inside it is completely for a different one to another. Meditation is the path to reach the highest goal in life. We never know what experience a practitioner will have in a specific way but in general, there are many benefits of meditation which are mentioned everywhere commonly. As far as we believe based on our practice and experience, we are able to say meditation is the stage or the journey between concentration and nothingness| Enlightenment because meditation starts happening when the concentration is being deeper and when the mediation is deeper there are chances to happen enlightenment or some different experiences. This is completely one’s internal journey where a master or Guru can just guide to be focused or to get concentrated mentally but going inside, feeling, being aware to self all the process is done by a practitioner once he/she is introverted.

According to Patanjali
who is founder of Ashtanga Yoga (Eight limbs Yoga) and has written Yoga Sutra
(Aphorisms). Out of his Eight Limbs

 5th steep is Pratyahara which is
known as the withdrawal of senses, 6th Steep is Dharana which
means to be fixed mentally on the certain object of being concentrated, 7th
steep is Dhyana which is known as Meditation  and it happens when the concentration goes into
deeper level and when meditation goes into a deeper level then Samadhi (Union/Integration/Enlightenment/
Nothingness ) happens which is the 8th steep of Yoga according to
Patanjali. Considering the Patanjali’s explanation we can here say

There is a long internal journey where Pratyahara to Dharana there is the certain distance which a practitioner has to cross, Dharana to Meditation there is the certain distance which again a practitioner has to cross and meditation to Samadhi there is a certain distance which again a practitioner has to internally cross and when one reaches at Samadhi ( Enlightenment) he/she become a Buddha and that’s the goal of this human life.

Benefits Of Meditation

Makes Body stable and relaxed.

Helpful in reducing tension in Body and mind.

Plays a vital role in reducing stress from mind

Helpful in making the mind calm and peaceful

Develops focus power in Children

Helps to get success in life

Helpful in curing any kind of Physical and mental Issues

Plays a vital role in Developing the power of immunity

Helpful in reducing anxiety

Helpful in removing emotional instabilities

A great tool for healing each other

Meditation is the best tool for the enlightenment

Meditation is the best practice to be detached with the worldly things

Meditation is the only way to be united with the supreme, God.

At our Yoga Shala Patan and Yoga Ashram, Kathmandu Nepal helps people to know and practice how to get to the point of focus and go inside through the various techniques of mediation. Our Yoga Master who teaches Meditation and Yoga in Kathmandu Nepal believes that meditation and steeps in it are long practices oriented which takes time to understand and practice and once the right journey is found then a practitioner can continuously go ahead until he/she reaches the final point or destination. The final point is where we are able to know I am different and my body is different, I am doing things but I am aware of what I am doing, I am in love but I am not at all attached, I am in the wordy things but I am aware and finally become able to leave physical Body and Subtle body consciously and get rid of Suffering where the Birth and Death stops.