Past Life Regression | Benefit of Past Life Regression

The benefits of Past Life Regression are a lot more but at the same time, we need to be careful and ask oneself a few questions!

Past life regression is a Process of going back into previous birth (Time which energy or a soul had spent before this body) where we know where I was born, what I was before, about family, about all what we did and how our life finished in a past life. Many of us have a quantity and it is natural to try to know that who I was before, to whom I say my father maybe I was a father of him before or grandfather! to who you hired for a cleaner at your home who knows he might be the owner of the whole property in a few years before!

Past Life Regression is the spiritual technique where a guru or master leads you into hypnosis and then slowly your attention is pulled into the past life journey which is stored into the subconscious mind. One can go oneself too into Past life after a long attempt but it is sometimes risky to go by self or by immature teacher because if you go into past or somehow able to open the file in the subconscious mind, keep going ahead and do not know how to come back then there are chances to be lost in the journey. When you have a right master and you are well prepared to go into past then it is possible to tell exactly what you were doing 200 years ago, mid-day 12:30 PM, sitting on a chair, which type of chair it was, how long did you sit on a chair and which leg right or left was on top of which! If you were watching the view you can easily explain which view, which bird was moving around, which flower was there, the color of the flower, all can be seen and explained exactly.

Ask Yourself before going to a Master or self-auto suggestion for The Past Life Regression



  • Am I really well prepared and ready Physically and mentally for knowing my Past?
  • Why do I want to know my past?
  • Am I really able to manage the memory of this life whereas I am attempting to know my past which is naturally forgotten?
  • Have I really been able to understand and manage this life?

The Benefits of Past Life regression

  • The most important befit of past life regression is that we come to know the reality of life and it is really helpful to get the point of the real aim of life. The Bairaggya( Being away from attachment) is raised in mind and which leads to enlightenment.
  • One can be heled from any disturbance in this life.
  • One can get overcome the fear of Death.
  • One can come to know what is the cause of suffering.
  • One can be transformed because one comes to know what he/she is doing in this life it is already repeated more than 100s of times before.
Kanchan Yoga in Nepal with the help of Gurus and well-experienced masters helps people to make ready to guide in the Past Life regression in Nepal.

You can email and let us and share your feeling regarding Past Life Regression.

Despite of all above we would like to inform you that doing pastlife regression is going against the law of nature! We first suggest you not to do and rather manage this life. If you still knowing the fact that doing past life means going against the law of nature you want to do then please kindly make sure you are doing it with right master or guru.