Pancha Prana in Yoga

In the Yogic world, the Human body is considered like a temple where the energy flows and energies are explained in 5 major Pranas called Pancha Prana in Yogic Science. Without knowing about these Pancha pranas one can’t reach the higher yogic journey. There are different ways to activate and balance these five Pranas but specially Yoga Postures should be practiced to active and balance these five energies in the body. Pancha Pranas ar as follows.

Apana Prana Vayu – This Prana Vayu is located in the lower abdomen region of the human body which is responsible and supports for elimination. In males, the function of the protest gland is controlled by this Vayu. This Prana controls the function of all the organs located between the navel to the perineum. Disorder in Apana Vayu might create so many problems like constipation, sexual disorder, problems in Period in females, problem in conceiving, problems in protest gland so on. Our Yoga Practice must be focused on activating and balancing Apana Prana Vayu. To activate and Balance this Vayu in the human body hip opening yoga postures, butterfly, Pawan muktasan postures, and moves, any postures with legs apart must be included in our daily yoga practice. At the same time use of Moolabandha, Practice of Kapalvati, and Agni Sar Kriya are very useful for activating and balancing Apana Prana Vayu.

Samana Prana Vayu – This Energy flows or locates just above the Apana Vayu region. This includes the area of the naval to diaphragm in the human body. This energy or Vayu controls especially the digestive system, metabolism, the function of the pancreas, liver, spline, small intestine in our body. The disturbance in this vayu(energy) causes acidity, indigestion, gas production, some people might have Sugar problems also. Our Yoga Practice must be helping to activate and balance Samana Prana Vayu. All the forward bending yoga postures are done consciously help to activate ad balance the Samana Prana Vayu so in our yoga routine forward bending postures are importantly included.

Prana Vayu – Pran Vayu is the most important energy flow in the human body which covers the area of the chest where the capacity of lungs and heart beatings are mainly controlled by Prana Vayu. It has a connection with Aanah Chakra( Heart Chakra). Disturbance in Prana Energy can cause various lung problems and heart problems. Yoga practice practiced daily in our life must be including various chest opening and back banding yoga postures which help to activate and balance the Prana Vayu in our life. Prana Vayu is activated and balance with all Pranayamas ( Breaths Exercise) also. All pranayamas are specially for the expansion of Prana energy in life.

Udana Prana Vayu– This Vayu is located in our throat area which also covers the face and head. It has a connection with the thyroid gland, vocal cord, and esophagus. If Udayan Vayu is disturbed we might suffer from Thryod and voice problems. To activate and Balance our Udana Prana Vayu we must include inversion yoga postures in our daily yoga practice as all the inversion postures in yoga help to activate and balance Udana Vayu. Bhramri Pranayama and AUM chanting with full awareness also play a vital role in balancing our Udana Prana Vayu.

Vayana Prana Vayu – This Prana Vayu in our body covers the whole body. It has a connection with each and every cell, circulatory system, immunity system, all outer layers of the body, bones, muscles. If Vayana is disturbed our immunity gets weaker, skin problems and muscle pains happen. All the standing and balancing postures help to activate and balance the Vayana Prana Vayu in our body so standing and balancing postures are very important in our yoga practice. Also, certain postures where we hold for a while focus on certain points help to develop this vayu in the body.

Above all Pancha Prana are very important in our life. If a person is unable to do yoga practice but still wants to activate and balance all Prana Vayus then he/she can practice certain mantas also.

Kanchan Yoga believes a yogi must be living with Prana, not with food! The less we eat the more energy comes in our subtle level. So always eat for a living, do not live for eating! Because when eating habits are deeply connected in Yogic life!

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