How to be happy

How to be happy is really an interesting question in life! I was born, I was given the name, I was grown up, my schooling was nice, I had a nice relation, I had a nice job, I had a nice family, I had good respect in society and friend circle, I earned a lot, I helped many people so I am a good person but where is my happiness? Normally it happens when we have spent a good time in this world and nearly about to live in the world physically. We search for happiness in old age because at that time we have experience of doing almost all in life! Some people might start searching for happiness before they get old!

Happiness has nothing to do with who you are? where you are? how much money or level of respect you have? which country you belong to or what power you hold? To understand happiness we need to know the self and become soul-conscious, the more we are physical the more away we going from happiness because happiness is one of the qualities of a Soul! without knowing a soul ( real identity of the Self!) it is impossible to reach the point where I can say I am HAPPY! I might have a lot of comforts and luxurious life but not Happy life. Yes, but if I never know what is Happiness and where it comes from then the whole life I might be in illusion in thinking that I am the happiest person because I have a full of luxury life( If someone is in illusion then who can do what !?

So, Happiness is one of the many qualities of a soul! A soul which was separated a long time ago from its creator who is known as the father/mother of a soul which is given the name Supreme soul or the God. Soul has been trapped into the physical bodies many times going through the cycle of birth and death, collecting manthing things and leaving all them!

Who is Super soul and who is Soul? the super soul is the creator of s soul who is the energy full of the qualities of Purty, Kindness, unconditional love, full of happiness, full of powers, full of knowledge, full of peace. In the same way, a soul was full of all qualities which super soul/ the God has but from birth to birth soul started losing its natural qualities and because full of the dust of ego, pride, jealousy, selfishness, discrimination, self-oriented ( which are the simple the dust which has covered all-natural qualities inside). The dust is heavy on some and light on some souls in this world which determines how suffering a soul having a physical body. In a real way to be happy and feel light one has to learn how to clean the dust which has covered the all-natural qualities of a soul. As we know cleaning the dust of the physical body daily with warm water and fancy soap we must know how to clean the dust of the subtle body! for that first of all, we must have someone who can teach us or we must be lucky enough to get such a book where it might have been written how can we be free of dust which has covered all our natural qualities. Then after it is important to practice daily, and slowly with the practice our dust is cleaned and we go close to our real qualities and when we reach our natural qualities a soul ( we/I) feels light from inside and is able to spread the same qualities around.

What can I do to be Happy?

1- Be disciplined in eating on time being vegetarian.

2- Sleep on time and wake up on time.

3 -Wear comfortable clothes which do not attract or distract others.

4- Daily some yogic stretching and breathing

5- Develop the habit of letting things happen and being a self witnessed

6- If any situation comes in life take it easy and believe it has come to check your quality of tolerance and intellectual power.

7- Anything good or bad that happens in life do not be excited or be lost rather just observe it.

8- Keep your love unconditional for each and every one.

9- Try to practice daily observing the process of thoughts, which thoughts were coming, and how it affecting the Pituitary gland and other glands.

10- Try not to be fast reactive in any situation! just smile and react with a smiling face.

11- Develop the mindset that I am in this world for a certain time and believe I was in this world before 100 years and I will be in this world after 100 years again. If I am born physically I will leave this body and when I leave this body I will again get another body.

12- Develop the habit of non-attachment. Be a good child, be a good friend, be a good and responsible parent but not at all attachment!

There are many more practices which we can do to get real happiness! We become happy only when we have the knowledge to be happy so first thing is to get the knowledge and real introduction of the self because happiness is 100% related to the self! Our yoga studios in Nepal are established to share happiness with you!