Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is a very common word in the world now. I am worried no worries deep breathing! I am tensed, no worries Deep Breathing! I am scared, no worries deep breathing! Commonly is said Deep Breathing!

The beautiful Physical Life is nothing but just a gap between birth and death of the Physical body where breath is the key point to understanding. In the Gap between Birth and Death, Physical life is determined by the Breath. As soon as the Physical body is disconnected from the mother’s womb and comes into the physical world the first breath decides the physical life. When the body remains inside the OMB the prana of the mother keeps the body alive.

Now the Physical body is under the nature in which body a pure soul travels innocently. Soul has mind and wisdom whereas the Physical body has a brain, sense organs, body parts which parts are used for actions (Karma), each and every action has resulted in a long or short period which a soul has to suffer in a good or bad way. For all the above processes without Breath nothing is possible.

There are different types of Breath techniques which are known as PRANAYAMA in the Yoga world and they have their own effect and importance in the human body and mind. Here we talking about simple and deep breaths which are taken gently, soundlessly, calmly, anywhere, and anytime. What we believe after a long period of practice just 5 minutes of long and deep breath plays a vital role in making the mind calm and relaxed, when the mind is calm and relaxed wisdom is very clear and they all lead the body towards great karma in this world. When the Karmas are pure with no attachment then only a soul gets into the real stage and easily stops going into Bith and Death Cycle.

Here we want people to know the spiritual benefit of Deep Breathing by offering yoga classes in Nepal where there are lots of Physical Benefits of a Deep Breath! For further information Please contact our Yoga School in Nepal!