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Kanchan provides a safe, patient and nurturing environment to further your development in Yoga, physical fitness, and spirituality.

Why Take Private Yoga Lessons With Kanchan?

Private yoga classes are the best way to start your yoga journey or to bring your practice to the next level. Different teachers have different qualities of teaching and sharing their knowledge. Kanchan is a well-experienced yoga teacher in Kathmandu Nepal who has been working with many private and group clients in Nepal and India. Kanchan has also been teaching private Yoga classes online via Skype in Europe and America and has benefited countless clients with advanced knowledge in Physical training and Yoga practice. Kanchan is friendly, caring, understanding, and smart enough to deal with his different types of clients with a variety of body types and abilities.

As a Physical Education student, national coach, and Yoga instructor, Kanchan believes that Physical fitness is not just about looking attractive or about how much weight we can lose, bench press, how big our biceps are, or whether our abs have a six-pack, etc.

There are certain physical fitness components that determine how healthy we are. If these fitness components are not being incorporated into our daily Yoga practice, then be sure that we are not doing enough to improve our fitness level and overall health status with YOGA!

So, feel safe and happy to have a Kanchan as your private yoga instructor.

Benefits of Private Yoga with Kanchan

Private Yoga lessons mean the teacher is 100% focused on you and your growth and development.

Apart from that, private Yoga classes with Kanchan have a lot of benefits.

  1. Practice yoga at your place and preferred time 
  2. Kanchan works with your personalized Schedule
  3. Kanchan focuses on your personal interest and goal in Yoga
  4. Kanchan cares about overcoming your health concerns.
  5. Kanchan makes a personalized lesson plan for your growth in Yoga
  6. Kanchan makes a personalized chart and diagram for your growth in physical fitness
  7. Special needs like massage, emotional healing, spiritual healing, talking therapy, energy healing, and meditation are Kanchan’s extra talents which can be provided as needed upon request.
  8. If you need to cancel a private session it can easily be rescheduled with no consequence.
  9. If you are practicing yoga with a partner or friend Kanchan can modify and make proper adjustments for each of your levels.
  10. Kanchan is always on time for classes.

Preparation and suggestions for Yoga 

For a better yoga experience and a healthy yoga session, Kanchan suggests the following steps:

  • Always keep your stomach light while going for a yoga session.
  • Eat light food at least 3 hours before and then no food.
  • Drink adequate water during the whole day and while practicing Yoga. You can take a bottle of water with you to take little sips while practicing yoga.
  •  Go to sleep early and wake up early. 
  • Keep your space in the yoga hall or room clean and well ventilated. If possible, light meditative music and soft lights or candles are suggested.
  • Keep your mobile, computer, children, and your pets away from you while practicing yoga so that your practice will not be distracted.
  •  Let your instructor prepare the lesson for you and give you some ideas regarding your health as needed.
  •  Try to practice yoga at least 3 times a week so that your body will have the opportunity to progress in fitness and flexibility.
  • Always stay positive and smiling while practicing yoga.
  • Never let your instructor feel you are not mentally present. Try your best to keep your attention to what you are doing and what the instructor is guiding.
  • Be alert while practicing Yoga.

How Does Yoga Help You To Be Physically Fit?

Ashtanga Yoga described by a famous sage Patanjali has included 8 limbs. YAM, NIYAM, ASANA, PRANAYAMA, PRATHYHAR, DHARANA, DHYAN, AND SAMADHI.

Out of above 8 limbs, we use ASANA (Postures), PRANAYAMA (breath) and DHYAN (concentration/meditation)

In the ASANA branch of Ashtanga Yoga there are uncountable postures (Over 84,0000 mentioned) but in short 84 postures are recommended. So, considering our physical fitness components the ASANA (Postures) branch is used, for instance, certain postures for agility, certain postures for balance, certain for endurance and strength, etc!

We use a variety of modern yoga styles like Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Hatha Yoga For improving your fitness level. Besides our physical fitness, we must have a balanced and focused mind. For improving balance and focus of mind we use controlled breath with each and every posture and we try our best to be aware of what we are doing!

Note- The ultimate aim of Yoga is not to make your body physically fit, rather fitness is the byproduct of YOGA!

Enjoy your YOGA and have fun!

Private Lesson Prices

Enjoy private yoga classes with Kanchan in the privacy of your home, hotel, or office.

$25 for a One Hour Session  

$5 each additional person

Suggestions Before You Join Us

We expect a few things from you. In order to get the most from your yoga experience, please try to arrive with

Kindness + Smiles + A Positive Attitude

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