Yoga in True Sense !

Yoga which is very well known word at this time has become puzzled to understand ! Almost all the countries in the world know and practice Yoga which is good! Here Kanchan Yoga wants to try to make people understood about Yoga in true sense !

Human Body starts in the zygote and start growing in the womb. After 9 months or let say spending time in the womb for sometimes a new human body comes into the wold or disconnected with mother and starts the physical journey but the most important thing here to understand is what determines the journey is BREATH when are able to take the first breath then journey of this physical body is started. When this human body was in the womb it was not breathing as it was connected with the PRANA of mother. Here another important word is PRANA to understand !One thing is to take oxygen another this is to take Prana ! In the womb it is all based on the mothers Prana and as soon as we are disconnected rom the womb then the Prana of Mother stops working for us and we have to be able to learn to take Prana from the Oxygen.

Here , The Human Body which seems only Physically present is having in actual 5 Bodies which are Called

Annamaya Kosha (Physical Body , Food sheath which is Earth Elements)

Pranamaya Kosha ( Pranic Body, Vital Sheath )

Manomaya Kosha ( Mental Body)

Vigyanmaya Kosha ( Intellectual Body)

Anandamaya Kosha ( Bliss Body)

Here, Yoga and connection between 5 Koshas is very important and also I (Soul) is also a very important point to consider then only the real concept of Yoga is understood! I am something different and my 5 Koshs are different but I thinks I am this Physical body and gets into the trap of MAYA in the world, keeps adding karmic account with different actions. Now Yoga is connection but the connection between who and who ? At the modern time all 5 Kosha are disturbed due to the affect of TAMAS! So, Hatha Yoga is an important Practice where Annamaya Kosh+ Pranamaya Kosha+ Monomaya Kosha are united and this dedicated practice brings us to RAJ Yoga where I is connected to who created the I !!!