Traditional Yoga In Nepal

Ashtanga (Eight Limbs) Yoga

In Tradition method of Yoga there are different types of Yoga out of them Eight Limb Yoga which is known as Ashtanga Yoga too was structured by of the sage from Nepal named Patanjali. This Yoga Style is practiced worldwide and Specially Asana Part of this is very famous in the world. From the Asana part of this Yoga Style all modern Yoga Styles like Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa , Flow Yoga, so on Yoga are formed. There is a Traditional Yoga teacher Training in Nepal which is focused on old traditions explained in modern Concept.

What are the Eight Limbs of Yoga?

1 Yamas (One’s Ethics) – It consist of 5 components as follows



     Non stealing


     Non covetousness

2-Niyama (Self Discipline) It consist of 5 components as follows



Spiritual austerities


Surrender to the Higher Authority /The God

3-Asana (Posture)

4-Pranayama (Breath Exercise)

5-Pratyahara (Withdrawing of Sense Organs)

6- Dharana (Concertation/ Firm determination)

7 – Dhyana – Meditation

8 -Samadhi – Stage of Ecstasy

Based on Traditional Yoga method we offer Yoga in Kathmandu Nepal at our different Yoga Studio in Kathmandu which are suitable for all levels. All level Welcome to our Traditional Yoga Nepal!