Sun Salutations in Yoga is the Basic and Important Practice at the time tho Sun Salutation was not the part of Hatha Yoga Practice initially, it was added to Yoga later on. Sun Salutation is a very separate practice in ancient times where sages use to practice on a daily basic worshiping the Sun. When we talk about the ”Sun” in Yoga Practice then it is represented by our right side of energy which is known as Pingala Nadi or Surya Nadi which is the pranic channel carrying life-giving force in the body.

Sun Salutation is the practice of a dynamic group of asanas in yoga. Despite being a dynamic group of asanas, it must be practiced in a very gentle way and should not be practiced with Hyperactivity which normally is done at the time by modern yoga instructors. What we believe at Kanchan Yoga if you do Sun Salutation with hyperactivity then you become a victim of Hyper Activities! So please make your sun salutation practice like a calmly moving river. It must be practiced in a moving meditation way where Breathing, concentration, the flow of the body, and Mantras much be combined.

12 Postures in Sun Salutations in Yoga with Mantra

1 Posture name – Pranamasana ( Prayer Pose), Mantra – Om Mitraya Namaha

2 Posture Name – Hasta Utthanasana ( Raised arms pose), Mantra – Om Ravaye Namaha

3 Posture Name – Padhastasana ( Hand to feet pose), Mantra – Om Suraya Namaha

4 Posture Name – Ashwa Sanchalanasana ( Equestrian Pose), Mantra – Om Bhanave Namaha

5 Posture Name – Parvatasana ( Mountain Pose) or can be used Dhandasana too, Mantra – Om Khagaya Namaha

6 Posture Name – Ashtanga Namaskar (Salute with eight parts or points), Mantra – Om Pushne Namaha

7 Posture Name – Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose), Mantra – Om Hiranya Garbhaya Nsmaha

8 Posture Name – Parvatasana ( Mountain Pose), Mantra – Om Marichaye Namaha

9 Posture Name – Ashwa Sanchalanasana ( Equestrian pose), Mantra- Om Aditaya Namaha

10 Posture Name – Padahastasana( Hand to feet pose), Mantra – Om Savitre Namaha

11 Posture Name – Hasta Utthanasana ( raised arm pose), Mantra Om Arkaya Namaha

12 Posture Name – Pranamasana ( Prayer Pose), Mantra – Om Bhaskara Namaha

In this way above postures are practiced with mantra and flow of breath, Each posture has specific breath practice. After the practice of Sun Salutation one must be energised by physical and subtle both bodies and most important things is one should not be tired after practicing it! Our yoga master in Nepal makes you practice it correctly in our different Yoga Studios in Nepal .