Online Yoga Sadhana

Online Yoga Sadhana – Before knowing Yoga Sadhana we need to know what is Sadhana? Sadhana means specific practice in a specific time with Special rules and regulations to achieve the intended goal in any sector and it is practiced so that one can get something after the Sadhana. For example, a student study for a certain time and gives exam to go to upper class or grade in this way study being dedicated for a specific time is his/her Sadhana and the result or achievement is he /she is upgraded into next class, the same way one small businessman starts his business and after few years Sadhana he reached some levels where his few years where he did hard work with dedication is his Sadhana. In this way, Sadhana can be done for the different areas for different development purposes or for attaining the different goals. To achieve Physical, Mental, Spiritual or any other goal Sadhana can be practiced. The most important thing in Sadhana is secrecy. If the rule law of secrecy is broken in any type of Sadhana then it is hard to reach the expected goal or success and Sadhana remains incomplete.  

Now, here we talk about Yoga Sadhana. Yoga is an ancient science that teaches us how to be disciplined in a physical and subtle level so that the owner or a traveler or let say energy who is using Physical and Subtle body who is also know known as the world ‘I’ is liberated and come to its real form. In this way, I remain happy and balance until it is in the world.

In our Yoga Sadhana, we offer
you certain practices where you are bound to the rules for certain days depends
on a period of time.

Our Yoga Sadana tools

Wakeup on time

Body Cleaning

Kriya – Kapalabhati, and Agnishar




Yogic Talk

Pure Vernerian food

Sleeping pattern and time

Importance of Online Yoga

It is a practice we can
practice from any part of the world.

It is a discipline for certain days where a Yoga master or guru guides you directly.

It is helpful in managing
stress and so on ongoing physical and emotional problems.

Yoga Sadhana is targeted to
certain goals to achieve.

This is the Yoga Practice done without spending any travel expenses and energies.

This is the practice which you can do in family and all family members can join this practice.

We offer regular Yoga Sadhana in Our Yoga Ashram in Kathmandu Nepal too.