Nepal Yoga Trek | Trek with Yoga In Nepal

Nepal is the land of Himalaya, Hills, Mountains, Picks, and so on diversities. Nepal Yoga Trek is a suitable program for all who want to experience Nepal, Yoga, and Trek all together in their life. Yoga Trek in Nepal is the best yoga program for life-changing and life long experience which Kanchan Yoga has been offering in Nepal for all level of travelers and Yoga Practitioners.

The Highest Mountain in the world named Mount Everest is in Nepal which is 8,850meters above from the sea level. This is the highest altitude in the world which is might be the dream of everyone to be there once in their lives. There are 8 highest mountain peaks in Nepal that’s why Nepal is known as the home of 8 highest peaks in the world. These Highest 8 Peaks are as follows

Mount Everest which is 8,850m

Mount Kanchanjanga which is 8586m

Mount Lhotse which is 8511m

Mount Makalu which is 8462m

Mount Cho Oyu which is 8201m

Mount Dhaulagiri which is 8168m

Mount Manaslu which is 8163m

Mount Annapurna which is 8091m

Trek with Yoga in Nepal is really important for each and every traveler because the nature of Nepal is peaceful, quiet, and spiritual where the everyday sun comes which is the best source of life energy. Yoga is really important while doing trekking because in trekking we walk 5-7Hours Daily for few days to reach the pick and come back. Yoga practice in 3 ways

Practicing Asana (Posture
with gentle movements)

This way we open our joins before we more to trek in the morning and in the evening when we reach the place to stay, we practice simple and gentle stretching. In this way, the body is well opened and stretched. We get better sleep, greater energy calming mind through the Asana Practice.

Practicing Breath Exercise
which is known as Pranayama Branch of Yoga

This way of practice in trek develops our lung capacity and the body had a lot of O2 which helps to reduce lactic acid in the body and we are able to walk energetically.

Practicing Meditation

This way of yoga practicing helps us to make mind joyful and blissful where we are able to forget the past and start a new life. Being in nature where we are in the high altitude is really a time where we must practice meditation and meditation is the process of realizing the real self. Through the meditation, we are able to see our journey of this life, able to separate I and my, able to decide what next in life.

The combination of Yoga in Trek is really helpful to make gold really golden, we can compare Yoga and treks like flower and smell of the flower. If you meet a right yoga practitioner in the trek, he/she can help you to fulfill the best time in your life or to achieve the best thing in life. Always Practice Yoga and Trek with an experienced Yogi to have a real bliss of Trek, Yoga, and Nepal.

We offer regular Yoga treks in Nepal with the best yoga masters. Join our Yoga Treks for the best experience in Nepal.

After the Yoga Treks, You can join our Yoga Studios in Kathmandu Nepal and Yoga in Patan with Kanchan Yoga Nepal