Forward Bending Yoga Postures
and Importance

Forward Bending Yoga Postures and the Importance of this series are a lot in yoga. Forward Bending Yoga Postures are performed with the help of using gravity whereas backward bending postures are performed away from gravity. Forward bending yoga postures are inked with exhalation and chest compression which help to find relaxations. Where our Chandra Nadi is activated and also our Apana and Samana Vayu are activated and relaxed. Forward bending is also known as the symbol of bowing, greeting, and humility which develops our physical and mental flexibility.

Simple Forward Bending Yoga Postures and Importance as follows

Nine Forward Bending Postures

1- SHITHLYASANA (Animal Relaxation Pose)

2- PASCHIMOTTANASANA (Back Stretching pose)

3- GATYATMAK PASCHITTANASANA (Dynamic back stretch pose)

4- PASA PRASARA PASCHIMOTTANASANA (Leg Spread backstretch pose)

5- JANU SIRSHASANA (Head to knee pose)

6- ARDHA PADMA PASCHIMOTTANASANA (Half lotus back stretching

7- EAK PADOTTANASANA (One leg raised to head pose)

8- PASHASTASANA (Hand to foot pose)

9- UTTHITA JANU SIRSAHASANA ((Standing head between knees pose)

Nine Benefits of forwarding Bending Yoga Postures

1- Helping in loosing up the

2- Helpful in Maintaining
flexibility and developing Vitality

3-Helpful in Stimulating the
Nerves and improving circulation  

4- In forward bending each vertebra
is separated and helpful inflowing Prana around.

5- Helpful in making the back
muscles very supple and strong.

6-Tendons and leg muscles are
well stretched.

7- Helpful in massaging and compressing the abdominal organs.

8- Helpful in stimulating and nourishing the whole spinal cord. 9- Forward Bending postures especially are helpful in releasing physical and mental rigidity.

We always include forward bending yoga postures in our Yoga Shala Patan, Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu, Private Yoga lessons, Yoga Workshops, Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal as it is the most important part of Yoga Asana practice.